10 Best Photography Schools in the US

Are you someone who has considered going to school to study photography? If you are looking to improve your photography skills, there are schools out there that will help you with that. You need natural talent as well as a good education in order to become a great photographer, and there are some great schools that can help you develop the talent that you have and that can pass on a great education to you. It is important for you to know which schools in the US are actually the best ones in regard to the photography programs that they offer.

1. Yale University School of Art (http://art.yale.edu)

There are some colleges that are known for being great and that everyone knows are special just when they hear their name. Yale University is one of those. If you would like to study photography at a well-known school and receive a quality education, then you may want to consider the photography program at the Yale University School of Art.

2. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (http://www.saic.edu/index.html)

If the city life calls to you, then you may want to check out the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the photography program there. The program at this school will encourage you to experiment as you spend time in the studio and to take risks in your photography.

3. UCLA Department of Art (http://www.art.ucla.edu/)

Are you looking to learn more about photography than simply the art of taking a good picture? If so, then you may want to consider the UCLA Department of Art and the photography courses available there. At this school, students learn about the history of photography in addition to the act of photography.

4. School of Visual Arts (http://www.sva.edu/)

If you are interested in expressing yourself through the photography work that you do, and if you want to find a college that will allow you to do that, then you may want to check out the School of Visual Arts. This school will allow you to be yourself as you learn.

5. Brigham Young University (https://home.byu.edu/home/)

Are you interested in getting hands-on experience in while you are studying photography? If so, you may enjoy the courses that you will find at Brigham Young University.

6. Washington University in St. Louis (https://wustl.edu/)

If you would like to work an actual photography job while you are in school, then you might consider the photography program at Washington University in St. Louis. Students at this school spend their junior year working in the studio.

7. Massachusetts College of Art and Design (https://massart.edu/)

If you would like to build up a portfolio while you are in school, then you will appreciate all that Massachusetts College of Art and Design offers to you. This school will help you work on a number of projects that will help you show off your talent.

8. Virginia Commonwealth University (http://www.vcu.edu/)

You have talents that are unique to you and tastes that are all your own, and you should be able to show off who you are while you are in school. Virginia Commonwealth University allows you to express yourself as you go about your classes.

9. Maryland Institute College of Art (https://www.mica.edu/)

You will explore a variety of disciplines while you are studying photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and you will develop your photography talent in a great way.

10. Columbia College Chicago (http://www.colum.edu/)

If you are seeking a school that is set up just for people like you and that has all that you need in regard to workstations and your photography goals, you will find that at Columbia College Chicago. This place is set up well for people like you.

There are many schools out there that can offer you a great education when it comes to photography and your dreams in that regard. Consider the schools that are available and think about your dreams for the future. Find the one school that will best help you to achieve those goals and all that they bring with them.

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